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"Their veggie burger is f—king great! I remember what hamburgers were like, but, believe it or not, I would choose their veggie burger over a hamburger. I know that sounds just like what a vegetarian would say, but they are maddeningly good.”
--Jonathan Safran Foer for The Brooklyn Paper December 14, 2009
  "Everyone knows Bonnie’s Grill serves a juicy cheeseburger, but the hidden gem at the neighborhood haunt is actually its portobello burger ($7.95). Though Bonnie’s classifies this vegetarian-friendly offering as a sandwich — relying on its decent veggie burger to fill the role of prime produce patty — this meal on a bun boasts a succulent and complex flavor that might as well be meat. Take it to the next level with sauteed jalapeno peppers. "
--The Brooklyn Paper June 12, 2009
  "From the outside, you might mistake Bonnie’s Grill for just another hole-in-the-wall hamburger joint. Mistake being the operative word. Step inside and you’re immediately immersed in the kind of warmth that surrounds a place that has clearly been conceived with boundless energy and a passion for good, simple food. . . The works of local artists are displayed on the brick walls, and the exhibits change every two months."
--The Brooklyn Paper 2002

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